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Vegan Brunch Guide

Updated: Apr 6

You asked, we answered! here's our handy guide to the best vegan brunch spots in Zurich. Think fluffy pancakes, luscious acai bowls, avocado toast, tofu scrambled 'eggs', croissants, shakshuka with cashew 'feta', smoothie bowls and much more - we have it all covered.

Sproessling Vegan

A family run cafe, Jasmine and Andy are the friendly owners and are always on the lookout to create new and innovative dishes (even taking a trip to London to research its thriving vegan food scene before opening up Sproessling). The results are truly scrumptious plant-based food that everyone can enjoy without feeling like they're missing out in the slightest. Breakfast options include freshly baked croissants, homemade muesli, carrot lox, vegan scrambled 'eggs', crispy rosti with vegan cheese, chia pots, overnight oats plus irresistable glazed vegan donuts, cremeschnitt and giant cinnamon buns to tempt you. Everything being homemade in their bakery. Special breakfast / brunch menu Saturday 8 am-6pm. Hotzestrasse 65.


The name 'KLE' is a nod to the widely used flowering plant 'sauerklee' and reflects their passion for plant-based cuisine and a menu which focuses on local and seasonal wholefoods with International flavours. Their 100% vegan weekend brunch⁠ features their infamous giant pancakes coated in chocolate sauce and hazelnuts (pure food porn), BBQ mushroom sandwiches, vegan zopf served with nut cream-cheese & jams, bircher muesli with a whole baked apple and winter salad of walnuts and pear. Cocktails also available. The atmosphere is cosy and intimate. Sat & Sun 11 am-2.30pm⁠. Zweierstrasse 114.⁠

26 Rose Garden

Since making the transition to become a completely vegetarian café in 2018 they haven’t looked back. The café is housed inside their vintage furniture store which only adds to its charm, displaying shabby chic tables dressers, metal plant pots brimming with flowers and polka-dot plates. On Saturdays they offer the ultimate ‘’all-you-can-eat’’ vegan brunch with a huge selection of homemade dishes made by Gaby the owner and her son. There’s everything from sweet raspberry puddings to locally produced vegan cheese, tofu scrambled 'eggs', vegan blinis, chocolate pudding, bircher museli, asian noodles and even vegetable bakes. We can promise nobody leaves hungry. Priced at chf32.50 (excluding tea / coffee)

Breitensteinstrasse 14.

Roots A long-time favourite here in Zurich, they've become synonymous with healthy plant-based food (everything being vegan apart from milk which is offered for drinks). Their menu features vibrant buddha bowls, jackfruit burritos, loaded acai bowls, beautifully decorated avocado toast, stacked pancakes and protein packed smoothies. This is food designed to provide maximum flavour and nutrition in one mouth-watering hit. Their weekend brunch is located inside Balboa (a fitness centre) and their most recently opened location is at Velocity, so you can work up a sweat before rewarding yourself with some guilt-free indulgence.

Am Schanzengraben 19.

Raemi 59

Held at the Universitat Zurich (UZH) canteen and designed with a student budget in mind, this is one of the best value spots in town. Their bountiful 'all-you-can-eat' vegan brunches are held just once a month so just make sure to reserve well in advance as they book up fast. The canteen setting might appear basic but the food certainly isn’t. Serving up everything from the classic 'Full English' breakfast to fluffy pancakes, chia pudding, bircher muesli, croissants, freshly baked bread, cinnamon buns, homemade cakes and even vegan prosecco. Students benefit from 10% discount but everyone is welcome. Prices⁠ at time of print chf19-21 Raemistrasse 59.

Beetnut An urban oasis notable for its lush hanging plants, Beetnut has turned the tables on the usual omni restaurant. Instead of vegan options being relegated to side options, here it’s the non-vegan items that are optional add-ons with the main menu being almost fully plant-based (just watch out for honey in some dressings). Their buddha bowls are assembled to order and we highly recommend their Aztec bowl with Mexican beans, avocado and tacos. Another signature dish is their ‘banana choco toast’ and their brunch menu features gems such as bagels with scrambled tofu, cheeze & coconut 'bacon’, spirulina bowls and pancakes. Their central location at Europpalle means they’re always bustling at lunchtime but have plenty of room to accommodate with two floors and outdoor seating for summer months.⁠ Lagerstrasse 16b.

Grand Cafe Lochergut

A chic eatery with chandeliers and gleaming full-length bar. We’d be enticed to stay for the atmosphere alone but it’s their outstanding middle eastern food that keeps us coming back for more. Marrying contemporary tastes with the more familiar traditional Oriental cuisine, their dishes are rich in flavour and warm in spice. You’ll be treated to the creamiest hummus, Tel Aviv plates with warm pita, shakshuka sprinkled with homemade cashew 'feta' and at weekends (Sat/Sun 10am-4pm) they serve up a ‘Funky Brunch’ including tofu scrambled 'eggs' and phenomenal pancake stacks with a choice of strawberries, maple syrup & vegan chocolate sauce. Badenerstrasse 230⁠

Gasthaus zum Guten Gluck If you’re looking for some serious savoury pancake action, this is the place. They offer hearty vegan 'Dutch style' pancakes with various combinations of toppings; avocado, sambal, roast onion, spinach, chickpea spread, tomatoes, mushrooms & pinenuts – which are super filling and flavour packed. The interior is full of retro charm with a relaxed vibe and young crowd. In the warmer months you can sit outside on the colourful pink tables and watch the world go by. Close to Weidikon station. Their vegan pancakes are served Mon-Sun.⁠ Stationstrasse 7.

Hammam Basar + Salon

A beautiful contemporary Moroccan restaurant and spa where you can indulge in an exotic vegan ‘Nomad Breakfast’ featuring cashew cream cheese, hummus, dips, fresh spelled bread, olives, vegan pastries, fruit salad, freshly squeezed juice and tea/coffee. All organic and homemade (chf28 per person). Our top pick for Patumbahpark and the Maghreb décor it to die for with Hammam on-site. Sat & Sun, 10am-4pm 'Nomad Breakfast' (Sat & Sun, 10 am-4pm).⁠ Muehlebachstrasse 157-159.

Sasu Juice Bar

Stylish hipster cafe serving 'Vegan Eden' brunch⁠ Sundays (10am-4pm) including tofu scrambled 'eggs', beetroot dip, bagel bread, smoothie bowl with granola, tropical fruits and raw brownie. They also have an extensive menu throughout the week (omni but 95% vegan) of fresh juices, smoothies and our favourite spiced hot chocolate. Emphasis on organic produce and juice detox plans also available. Neugasse 41.⁠

Babu's Bakery and Coffeehouse

Centrally located cafe with a cosy ambience and vintage tea-room decor. We highly rate their 'Vegan Etagere Brunch' brimming with vegan croissants, chia pudding, acai bowl, guacamole, breads, hummus, fresh juice and warm drinks. * just make sure to book in advance (min. two people sharing). Loewenstrasse 1.

Helvti Diner

Vintage 1950's American styled diner with brunch menu featuring smoothie bowls and granola, avocado bagel topped with micro-greens, oatmeal-amaranth porridge with blueberries and maple syrup, plus smoothies (coconut, mango or aloe vera) and vegan blueberry and chocolate chip muffins. They've been proving unstoppable with their delectable range of classic comfort food, such as burgers 'n hotdogs, with a plant-based twist. Also offering almond milk for drinks. Helvti Diner Bellevue, Urbangasse 4.

Juicery 21 Cute hipster café and insta-worthy menu of blueberry oatmeal, acai bowls, loaded bagels, powerballs, healthy shakes and a rainbow of vibrant juices. A little hidden gem just off Sihlstrasse. Open Mon-Sun⁠. Sihlstrasse 93.

Photo credits: Juicery 21


Japanese themed tea-room offering vegan etagere creations such as 'Gnusser Zmorge' stacked with elaborately decorated cakes, chocolate mousse, matcha granola and tofu terrines, all homemade. * Book in advance. Open Weds-Sun⁠. Beckenhofstrasse 7.

Photo credits: Miyuko


Their Hiltl Haus location hosts a special 'all-you-can-eat' Sunday brunch from their extensive buffet (around 70% vegan dishes) chf59 pp, which includes one glass of prosecco, two hot drinks and fresh juices. Their vegan tartar and desserts are legendary.⁠ Sihlstrasse 28.

Photo credits: Hiltl

Tibits A firm favorite in Zurich famous for their 100% vegetarian self-serve buffet (price by weight) with mostly vegan options. Their Sunday brunch offers vegan shakshuka, tofu kedgeree, pancakes, fried rosti, vegan sausages plus lots more.⁠ Brunch available: Tibits Oerlikon & 'Tibits Bistro' Falkenstrasse.⁠ Photo credits: Tibits


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