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Vegan Guide to Bern

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

If you're planning a trip or if you live in Bern (you lucky, lucky people), here are a few of the best vegan eats the city has to offer:

Swing Kitchen

100% vegan fast food restaurant and takeaway with menu offering chilli, cheese and Vienna schnitzel style burgers, crispy nuggets, coleslaw, sweet potato fries, wraps and endless dips. Simply some of the best food we've ever shovelled in our face. If you have room for dessert you can't go wrong with their spectacular choc-almond and nougat traum cake (we may have dreams about this). They were also nominated for the 'Swiss Vegan Awards' 2019, did you get a chance to vote? Located at: Laupenstrasse 4, Bern.⁠

Gruener Gaumen

100% vegan pizza in a yurt, yes you heard right! This awesome concept opened earlier this year and is an absolute gem. They even offer smoked tofu and vegan blue cheese toppings, plus for some extra plant-based fromage indulgence you can hit up their 'croque madame' aka crispy cheese toasties. Their pop-up ends Sept 30th 2019, so get in there quick.

Located at Parkplatz Schutzenmatte.

Since our visit they are now running the yurt at a different location for vegan fondue. For all details of events, times and current locations check their website:

Vegan Outlawz

An all American vintage diner with 1950's style interior and a vegan menu that sounds incred: 'mozzarella' fingers, seitan wings, pulled jackfruit burger, 'sloppy Jezus plate' with mac 'n cheese and on weekends their brunch features pancakes and breakfast burger with scrambled tofu and brioche bun. Are you drooling yet?⁠ Make sure to check their website for their latest news, pop-ups and projects:

Photo credits: Vegan Outlawz

Lola Vegan

Lastly, we wanted to give the team from 'Lola Vegan' a shoutout as their online shop is 100% vegan (with headquarters in Bern) who stock lots of specialist products like vegan cheeses, chocolates, cosmetics etc. focusing on zero waste products. Simply order online for delivery anywhere in Switzerland.

*Please note that their physical store in Bern is not vegan but sells a mix of omni products*

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